Having launched in 2018 with its intensive film courses in Dublin, the Irish Film School will deliver short courses this year at its sister school, the London Film Institute, in the UK.

Founders John Boorman and Kieran Corrigan are excited to welcome our students to our London venue Waterloo Creative Studio this May. London Film Institute will deliver 3 courses with contributions from our partners DNEG and many other guest instructors from within the film and TV industry.










3 Courses at a Glance

  1. Filmmaking with legendary director John Boorman & guests: 5-day course covering the art of filmmaking from script to screen, including “the shoot” with trained actors
  2. Business of Film Production with executive producer at Merlin Films Kieran Corrigan & guests: 1-day course covering sources of funding, tax, legal, managing talent & more
  3. VFX with Academy Award winning VFX house, DNEG: 1 -day course giving you an overview of how to use VFX in your project effectively & on budget

Waterloo Creative Studio

An oasis of green in the heart of London, Waterloo Creative Studio's historic architecture, just 10 minutes’ walk from Waterloo Station, is the perfect space for learning.

This inspiring environment, surrounded by trees and planters, is where exciting ideas and innovative projects are mapped out.

We met with Eduard Solaz, who manages the studio, to ask him about this unique venue nestled in a dynamic area at the heart of London’s cultural scene.










A Space for Creatives  

IFS:  Please could you tell us a bit about Waterloo Creative Studio and how you came to be involved?

ES: Waterloo Creative Studio (WCS) started with the idea to offer a space for creatives and makers to work and develop exciting projects. Our aim is to connect with arts communities, organisations and social enterprises within Waterloo and beyond. 

We want to create a space where inter-disciplinary practices can overlap in projects that explore processes and techniques and which address social and cultural developments.

I think it is important to have spaces where knowledge can be shared, especially these days where people tend to be more isolated sitting in front of our computers. I guess I started WCS because of my personal need to meet interesting people and to keep creating community-based projects.

A Sense of Community in an Old Tibetan Buddhist Centre

IFS: We have been struck by the great sense of community at the studio. What do you think it is about the space that attracts entrepreneurs and creatives?

ES: WCS is located at the Old Paradise Yard, a unique spot in the middle of Waterloo. The main building was initially a primary school. In the late 90’s the site became home for a Tibetan Buddhist community.  I think the feeling of being in a little calm oasis that is full of history, where you are surrounded by trees and sounds from the birds really helps with getting inspired.

An Inspiring Environment

IFS: How do you think London Film Institute students will benefit from learning at the studio?

ES: London Film Institute students will enjoy the interior of the WCS building itself. Its high ceiling and the open plan will offer a relaxed environment during the stay. Hopefully from the moment the students step into the studio, they will immediately get a sense of creativity and inspiration that will last throughout the course. In addition, WCS has a small but great collection of film and art books  and the students are welcome to dig in if they can find a free minute!

Cultural Centre

IFS: What are your tips for students who wish to explore the vibrant areas surrounding the studio?

ES: Waterloo is an exciting area and we are really close to some interesting places. In a radius of just a 10 minute walk you can visit the cinematic railway tunnels, the former house of William Blake, as well as Lambeth Palace and its beautiful gardens. You can also find a variety of food stalls and coffee shops in Lower Marsh with the options of exploring book shops, theatres and hidden galleries all along the same street.

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